Titan provides integrated architectural plans that include complete sets of architectural designs, interior design, structural design and landscape design.


Architectural style

Structural design

Landscape design

Interior design


Titan Pro has the most advanced equipment for the production of light steel frames in the world. The FrameCad system from New Zealand is ideal for customers from Australia, while the Samco system is original from the USA. Light steel frames manufactured by Samco are manufactured in accordance with North American building standards. The accuracy of production can reach a millimeter. During installation, there will be no more or less screws. Each bar will be clearly numbered to ensure the convenience of installation.


Architectural style

Structural design


Regardless of whether you are from remote islands or in developed countries, regardless of whether you have difficulties with integration, whether you want to be more economical and use qualified products, we, along with our best suppliers in China, are here to reduce unnecessary links and provide the convenience of using a blue ribbon.


Construction components

Solar panel system

Door and window system


Heating and cooling system


Ventilation system

Sanitary equipment


Not only will you have full technical support when buying our prefabricated house with Titan Pro, but also a full after-sales service.

Architectural style

Structural design