What should you pay attention to when buying a plot?

When deciding to build your own home, you must definitely buy a plot that will suit your needs. The choice of such a plot is not the simplest, and always looking for a plot in a specific location, we must pay attention to a number of extremely important criteria. If we approach the purchase of the plot irresponsibly, it may happen that our dream house with a garden will in fact be adjacent to a busy bypass or warehouses of a large factory.

Important parameters of the plot – how to choose?

When choosing a plot, we should not be guided solely by our conviction that it is an ideal area for building a house. We must necessarily objectively assess the market value of the plot as a specific investment. After all, buying land should be treated as an investment and in addition for a longer period of time, if not for a lifetime. Therefore, we should always look at every plot we look at, as it will be done by its future potential buyer. We should always choose a property whose market value in the long run has a chance to grow. Regardless of the plans we have for the plot, whether we want to put a house on it, where we will live until the end of our lives, always such parameters as its potential future value should be taken into account. The more attractive the plot, the more likely it will be to be sold later, it will proceed without unnecessary disturbances.

The first feature of the plot, which we should pay attention to, is its area. Here we must answer the question of how much space we will need. If we have already chosen a house design, the size and layout of the property will tell us what minimum size and shape our future plot should have. Its orientation is also important. Whether the plot is longer than wider or vice versa. In the event that you start your investment in buying a plot of land from the purchase of a plot, and not from choosing a house project, we must consider what is the most important for us. Well, if our goal is to actively spend time outdoors, we should choose a large plot, which will allow you to arrange a large garden behind the house. However, if we only want to have so-called „green living room”, completely our requirements will be met by a small plot, even one that will allow for terraced houses. In this case, it makes no sense to choose a large, several hectare plot.

Another, but important parameter of the plot is its shape. Look for a plot that is as proportional as possible, shaped like an elongated rectangle. This shape allows for easy location on the building plot and the creation of a functional garden.

We should check the area in which the plot is located and what its immediate neighborhood is. Some of us will be looking for a plot of land in the middle of nowhere, because in their own home they want to have peace and quiet. However, when you buy such a plot, it should be remembered that most probably it will be necessary to incur additional costs related to the supply of utilities, hardening of the access road, as well as the costs of protecting our property. It is important to check what the possibilities of getting from the plot to the city are. This is important if you do not have your own car on a daily basis. We must also include emergency communication. It is best to check the different communication options, and at the same time to examine the state of all local roads that we will use.

Legal aspects of plot selection

At the moment when we find a plot that suits our shape, size and surroundings, we must check whether it is safe to put a house on it. The point is to check whether the area is intended for single-family housing or not. You can check it in the local zoning plan. It is available in the municipal department of architecture and urban planning. Sometimes the plan will not be up to date, because the municipality may not have time to pass new spatial plans for some areas in Poland.

You must also check whether there is no house in the immediate vicinity of the plot that you want to buy. If not, we will probably have considerable difficulties in obtaining a building permit. This is due to the so-called the principle of good neighborhood. According to it, in areas not covered by the spatial development plan, buildings should be erected referring to their neighboring buildings with their dimensions. If there is no development, in the light of the law, there is no reference point for determining precise building conditions. If, however, the area of ​​our plot is not covered by the spatial development plan, we should immediately apply to the competent municipal office for the issue of development conditions. This request should include an appropriate form and a list of the necessary attachments we will receive at the office. It is worth noting that the access to the zoning plan and submitting the application do not entail additional costs. It is even up to half a year to issue planning conditions, because the municipality is obliged to carry out a town planning analysis at its own expense, which unfortunately requires numerous official consultations.

The urban analysis concerns the building line, the permissible building width and the height of the font facade, the slope and layout of the roof slopes, as well as the height of the ridge. The commune has the option of suspending a year of proceedings if it intends to enact a local plan. Then the proceedings on the issue of building conditions are significantly extended. Being in the seat of the commune, we can get acquainted with the investment plans that cover the nearest area of ​​the plot. It is worth taking a closer look at them, because it may happen that a fast traffic route will be built under our noses.

Each plot must have access to a public road, because otherwise we do not even have a chance to get building conditions and building permits. The plot with direct access to such a road will be definitely the best. If the lot does not have access to a public road, it is possible to establish a so-called road easement, ie separation of a strip, min. 5.5-6 m. (This is a necessary dimension that will allow you to carry out the necessary media in the future) from the neighbor’s plot. Interestingly, the neighbor has no right to deny us the opportunity to use the road, because it is guaranteed by a notarial record. In practice, however, the road easement is very often the cause of fierce neighborly disputes. Instead of risking humanity and kindness, it’s better to look for a plot that can be reached directly, without anyone being courteous.

When buying a plot of land, let’s check if the trees growing on it are more than 5 years old. If so, we will need the consent of the local nature conservation service to remove them. They may turn out to be a protected natural monument that can not be removed. We should never undertake to cut down old trees by ourselves, because in such a case a substantial fine can be imposed on us. The same applies to old buildings on the plot. If we want to remove them, we have to check with the local monument protection service whether their demolition will be possible.
The project is the key to a warm and energy-efficient home

The location of the building

When choosing a place, we usually follow its location, access to communication, peaceful surroundings. Meanwhile, it is also worth paying attention to other aspects. The road from the south and the plot with a width of less than 20 meters will make it difficult for us to design the house in a comfortable way. In this situation, we will rather get a terrace, living room and bedroom with windows to the north, and a garage from the south. The northern side is the least sunny in contrast to the south side. When designing the layout of rooms in this way, we deprive ourselves of access to natural light and heat in rooms where we spend the most time.

Shape of the building
Another factor that will affect the future costs of heating the house is the building’s shape. In this case, it is worth striving for a compact, simple form. Any breakdown of the wall or recess means additional heat loss. It is therefore worth considering whether we want a fancy house design that will need more energy to heat, or maybe an energy-efficient house with a simple, noble shape. As for the size of the house, energy losses are usually directly proportional to the size of the building.

Building Materials

At present, each newly constructed building must meet the standards contained in the Regulation Technical Conditions 2008. Regulations set out minimum parameters for the thickness of the walls and roof insulation, heating system performance, etc. To limit heat losses to a rational level, it would be necessary to apply even more energy-efficient solutions than those provided by the regulations , e.g. a greater insulation thickness, which is economically justified for a particular house. You should talk about choosing the most optimal building materials at the house design stage.

The future belongs to ecological construction

If you care about building a house that is ecological, then you need to know that ecological building consists of many different elements that together make you deal with a type of building that does not interfere with the natural functioning of the environment .

In addition to the fact that you need to choose the right house design, as well as be able to build a property and finish it with appropriate materials and installations, you must also set the right location at the very beginning. Contrary to appearances, this is a very important issue to pay attention to. If the property does not fit properly into the surroundings, then it will be badly affected – so it is important that the house or any other building is inscribed in the environment through its dimensions, finish, purpose. All these elements are very important, even when you do not want to build a strictly ecological estate, it is also very important where it will be located. If we do not have a plot yet, but we already have an idea for a house, then it is always worth checking whether the land that we can buy will fit our image of the building. When we already have a plot, it is worth adjusting the real estate project to it. Therefore, ecological building is not only an appropriate project, building materials or equipment, but also a location that often plays a key role.

If we are talking about ecological construction, we usually have many different solutions. Indeed, currently this type of construction has many faces, one can build virtually any type of building in ecological technologies, without having to worry about the fact that it will be too burdensome for the natural environment.

Building Materials

Let’s look a little closer. First of all, it must be pointed out that it is very important that the property is not only made of appropriate materials, but that it does not negatively impact nature, you have to think much earlier. At the very beginning, the right design and location are important. When it comes to real estate plans, they must be made in such a way that the house has such a construction that it minimizes thermal energy losses. The very location of the property is also extremely important – it must be pointed out that the building should be located in such a way that it perfectly fits into its surroundings, does not dominate it, but tries to be part of it. Then relevant construction and finishing materials are important, as well as individual equipment and solutions in real estate, for example, you can put on recuperators, heat pumps, household sewage treatment plants, solar collectors, special water circulation at home – there are many ways and their number is time is growing with the development of technology.

Ecology is something that more and more attention is paid to when it comes to construction. It is true that not everywhere is noticeable that in the case of erecting real estate affects our environment, the environment, more and more architects and people who are associated with construction and designing various types of solutions for this branch of the economy, draws attention to ecology. Today, we can use a whole range of different solutions, for example from ecological ways of acquiring thermal energy through solar collectors or heat pumps. Ecological household sewage treatment plants are often chosen. Houses and other real estate are built in such a way that they have the lowest thermal losses associated with their construction. This is supported by appropriate building materials, which are designed to significantly minimize these losses and make the house more self-sufficient in terms of thermal energy, but not only. Wind farms are being built, which can also be used in individual homes. You can also opt for many other eco-friendly solutions.

Construction focuses on energy efficiency and ecology not only because they are fashionable, but also because thanks to them it is possible to save a lot of money and a wider perspective, of course, our environment, which unmatched construction can be a major threat.

Slowly, many architects and all of us get to know how important it is that our buildings are not too burdensome for the natural environment. For this reason, such construction technologies are selected and developed, thanks to which you can easily build a house, but one that will fit in with the environment and nature, and not make it something that will be dominated by the property. Ecology in construction is also associated with energy efficiency – the less energy is used or is obtained in a way that is non-invasive for the natural environment, the better.

Ecology is used not only for larger buildings, but also more and more people who want to erect their single-family house, pay attention to it. Wooden houses are becoming more and more popular because of this. Such technology in construction, which assumes the use of mainly wood, as well as appropriate finishing elements and equipment for its operation and operation, is related to the assumptions of ecology. Wooden houses are „lighter” to the environment, often they are also built in conjunction with different ways of acquiring energy in an alternative way. There are plenty of opportunities – so it is worth to think about such solutions – with them you will be able to not only save, but also to make the environment not so burdened.