Steel construction has many undeniable advantages: speed of implementation, considerable degree of prefabrication of the structure, long-term guarantees granted by producers, resistance to atmospheric factors. However, the light steel skeleton is still a new technology in Poland, especially in single-family housing. Therefore, investors who are considering choosing the optimal home construction technology have many questions, first of all about the practical aspects of investments made of steel.

Below are answers to questions about SCS technology.

„First of all, I care about the low cost of construction. Can a house in SCS technology be built in an economic system?”

Yes, the most. SCS technology is an open system. A turnkey house can be made by any construction company, or construction can be carried out using the economic method. We recommend commissioning foundations or foundation slabs to an experienced contractor. At this stage, high accuracy is necessary, because the steel structure is manufactured with a precision of up to 1 mm. Then, within a few days, the assembly of the house structure takes place: load-bearing walls, partition walls, ceilings and a complete roof structure. All subsequent works can be successfully carried out by the economic system, without any loss of quality. SCS constructions are stable, durable, do not deform, that is why they do not require plating together with the assembly of the structure. Finishing works are carried out in the same way as in traditional technology, no specialist knowledge is necessary, if necessary, investors receive technical support. Thanks to this, significant savings on construction costs are possible. According to the Archipelago Group experts, they can reach up to 65% of the costs of a given construction stage!

"I do not have time to deal with construction, so I'm interested in ordering a turnkey house. If it is possible?”

Yes, there is such a possibility. It is true that our company does not build turnkey houses, but any construction company, any construction manager, may be the general contractor of a SCS house. By opting for traditional technology and commissioning all work to one company, investors are looking for a reliable, experienced contractor with good references. Nothing stands in the way for such a selected company to realize a house in SCS technology. No specialist knowledge is needed, experience in traditional technology is enough.

The investor orders the construction of SCS together with the assembly at a precisely specified date, and orders the general contractor to run the entire construction and all other works. The effect is lower costs and shorter implementation time than in "tradition".

 „I am convinced of frame houses, but what exactly is steel better than wood?”
Compared to wood, steel has the following features that make it a better building material. Steel has the best weight-to-strength ratio of all building materials. This determines the very high strength of steel houses. Roof spans can be larger, homes can have more floors, more open spaces can be designed. In addition, the connections of structural elements are stronger: rivets and screws are used instead of nails. SCS steel structures are successfully used in the world on seismic areas, mining damage, in areas exposed to hurricanes and tornados. Due to its low weight, the steel skeleton is a technology that allows construction on land with low bearing capacity. Steel is also an inorganic, homogeneous material. This means that there are no cracks, stretching, delamination or rotting. The construction does not work under the influence of humidity change, it does not deform over time - the walls and corners will be simple all the time, there is no cracking of gypsum boards. Steel is also a non-flammable and mold-resistant material, the structure does not need to be chemically impregnated. The SCS structure is covered with a thick layer of zinc, which completely protects against corrosion. Finally, a small but extremely important thing for the residents of the house: partition walls are built on a much stronger steel structure SCS, and not, as in the case of wooden houses, of thin aluminum profiles.

„What does the issue of thermal bridges look like?”
Steel is a good heat conductor. Therefore, in addition to insulating the walls from the inside, the building facade should be insulated. It eliminates thermal bridges. The construction then has a temperature similar to the temperature of the interior of the house, so that there is no phenomenon of condensation on the structure.

„Steel changes dimensions under the influence of temperature. Will the house be working?”
No, because the construction has a temperature all the time similar to the temperature of the interior of the house, which is constant. The structure, therefore, does not expand or shrink.

„A steel house may be cheaper to build and use, but brick is certainly more durable.”

Not true! The lifetime of the galvanized steel structure is estimated at over 200 years. The first house built of steel in the lands of today's Poland was built in the 1920s in Zabrze and is inhabited to this day. Technology, of course, was completely different, but the building material is the same. The design's durability is also confirmed by a 50-year warranty on the SCS structure. Will anyone give so much for a brick house?

„Steel houses are warmer, better insulated, but brick houses are more solid.”

Reliability depends on the way the house is finished using SCS technology. The use of external and internal cement boards makes the walls have similar properties to masonry walls in terms of weight and mechanical resistance. The execution of cement screed makes ceilings have similar characteristics to those in traditional buildings. Clients who are very attached to the masonry walls may consider building walls on the ground floor and constructing ceilings and attic constructions using SCS technology. By the way, it is worth noting that in most of the built brick houses, the attic is actually a frame construction ...

„What does the fire resistance issue look like?”

Steel is classified as non-combustible material. The steel construction does not spread fire. The main cause of fires is eliminated, i.e. the failure of the electrical installation, because in the steel building I have to ignite.

„How does a steel house behave when lightning strikes?”
When struck by lightning, a steel house provides very high security for residents. The earthed structure has a zero potential and conducts the entire electrical charge directly to the ground. Lightning energy is not discharged within the building, which eliminates the cause of damage and fires.

„If the skeleton is such a great technology, why are not so many houses built?”
In the past, two factors have been an obstacle to the dissemination of steel backbone technology. Firstly, due to the low labor and transport costs in Poland, brick houses were cheaper. At present, the cost of a house in SCS technology is already lower, because rising labor rates make it profitable to build as soon as possible, and the more expensive fuel makes it profitable to save on transport costs. The SCS construction is only one transport, and the traditional house is a few concrete mixers, several trucks with bricks and several timber trucks necessary to build the same raw state. The difference in costs in favor of SCS will increase over time. This is a natural tendency in all developed countries, eg in Japan, 150,000 steel houses are built each year.

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